The Shakespeare Project


Take Shakespeare, the French horn, new commissions, theatre, a few funky cadenzas and some monologues scattered in between, and you've got yourself an innovative and wonderful performance.


This is Hannah's Story......



"I have developed a new concept of performance that embraces creativity and theatrical presentation. 


After putting the collaboration of drama and music together, I was given the opportunity to perform it in my final recital at RNCM. This is where my adventure soon began. 


Wanting to create a diverse and breath-taking programme, I have been busy collaborating with a mix of outstanding composers. I want the assorted talents to bring a varied and distinctive partnership of music and theatre together.


I am currently putting together an exciting programme and very much look forward to touring the country, performing to new audiences and showing off the amazing work of the composers. I want music lovers to see how this atmospheric presentation and collaboration can turn into an imaginative and heart-stopping performance. 


In the near future I will give lectures and workshops on Performance Technique to Music and Drama students, perform theatrical recitals, and join music festivals around the UK. 


I would like to thank Jingle Lau, my accompanist, who supported me at the start of this project - I couldn't have asked for a more patient and willing pianist as herself! I would also like to thank Tim Jackson - my teacher, who gave me the inspiration to be brave and bold. And thanks to Howard  Chadwick - who coached me through the theatrical side of the performance."



Tic Ashfield - TBC

Nick Conn - I Drink To Thee


"A hugely enjoyable, inventive, imaginative programme played with poise, flair, theatricality and a real purpose and commitment. Outstanding presence and a thoroughly engaging event." - Simone Rebello, Director of Percussion Studies RNCM


"An imaginative, well thought out and planned presentation. This came over as having professional standards in every respect. Communicated with authority and insight, this delivered convincing playing and outstanding collaborative activities."

- Professor John Miller, Head of Wind, Brass and Percussion RNCM

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